BICYCLOG is a blog dedicated to bicycles and bike culture. I will post here occasionally images of found, vintage bikes, that are interesting and some times unusual and items that are related to bike culture.


7 Responses to BICYCLOG

  1. Inka says:

    Dear Yanek, cool site, nice pictures!

  2. Hi – I love your stuff, and thought you’d like to know that you’ve just made it onto my blogroll on At the moment, it’s just a text link, but if you have an image / logo you’d rather use, please just let me know!

  3. Dansky says:

    Shalom from Yafo!
    I can testify here that you do check out NEW bikes too sometimes. Caught you eying my Merida Speeder on Thursday 🙂

    Nyce blog,

  4. Hi Yanek!

    finally found your blog with some (significant) delay.
    The photos are great, happy to meet another bicycle freak like myself! 🙂

  5. menashe says:

    Great to see the wonderful heritage of the Israeli bicycle, long before Segal.
    There is such a wealth of old cycles that no one has paid attention to.

  6. Jesse says:

    Hi Bicyclog,

    My name is Jesse Florendo and I work with a documentary called Paul Goodman Changed My Life. We’re sponsoring a contest to encourage people to reduce global warming and improve transportation options in their own communities. Winners in the US and Europe will receive new bicycles from Breezer Bikes and Biomega, respectively. The contest is co-sponsored by the Alliance for Biking & Walking, the World Carfree Network, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, and Dissent Magazine.

    We’d love to get the word out about this contest to Bicyclog’s readers. This is a really cool opportunity that we think they’d be excited about. There’s some more info about the contest below, or you can check out The contest launched October 1st and runs through October, so if you’re interested in posting about it, today or tomorrow would be great. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the contest, the film, or Paul Goodman.

    Jesse Florendo
    JSL Films

    To honor 20th century philosopher and social theorist Paul Goodman’s legacy, JSL Films, producer of the documentary Paul Goodman Changed My Life, is holding a contest to help encourage transportation alternatives.

    Paul Goodman, a writer, a radical, and a renaissance man, was the co-author of “Banning Cars from Manhattan,” a 1961 proposal to improve New York’s streets by eliminating private auto traffic. Nearly half a century later, his ideas are now heralded as being before their time, with limiting traffic in city centers becoming more and more common.

    Paul Goodman Changed My Life is honoring Goodman’s legacy by inviting people to propose change in their own communities. Anyone who submits five proposals to their local government (mayor, city council, etc.) can enter a drawing to win a new bicycle. One winner in the United States will win a bike courtesy of Breezer Bikes, and one winner in Europe will win a bike courtesy of Biomega.

  7. Hey, my name is curtis, I’m a film director from Canada. In the summer I worked on a film called ‘The Bike Heist’ we shot in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The central theme of the film is bicycles and friendship. We our currently releasing promotional teasers every month or so until the release this summer (2011).

    Our best marketing tool is word of mouth, telling friends, blogs etc. Then they tell more people and so on, you get the idea. We have been featured on a couple bicycle blogs so far but would greatly appreciate your support also. The website for the film is and perhaps you can make a post on your blog or even embed the teaser. You can certainly scope the website for more information about some of the goals and visions for the film as well as updates. I would appreciate your support and it definitely is for a greater cause. Long live cycling.

    thanks so much for your time and attention, much appreciated.

    curtis cleveland

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