Bicycle shop Kyoto

(Thanks to Shimon Edelman for the image)

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Cycle chic TLV

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70’s Guerciotti project

Shachar (which is now selling his MMVZ from the previous post) is starting work on a new project – a 1970’s Guerciotti racing bicycle, stay tune for the progress.

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Cycle Chic TLV

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Infinity 29ER

This is a Chernichovsky I-9 (Infinity 29ER)
One of Chernichovsky’s newly custom made/ fabricated mountain bikes we all expected to see to which i had the joy of generating some typography.
Chernichovsky is an Industrial Designer and a great bicycle enthusiast that not only designs bicycles but designs and creates CYCLING a broad sense.
“The I-9 is a 29ER MTB. Designed for XC and trail riding, Epics and marathons tailored to compass the internal Rohloff
geared SpeedHUB, all Columbus tubes and fillet brazed…”

The images are from his workshop.

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Bicycles – Italy

All photos © by Shachar Cotani. (Grazie!!!)

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CAPTAIN’s bicycle

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