MMVZ – The Stork

What used to be a forgotten MMVZ soviet bicycle from the 70’s gained a second life. Shachar Cotani spent a good deal of time and energy in renovating this beautiful bird! Even though the job is not yet finished you can clearly see how these bikes were restored to their previous glory and beyond.

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5 Responses to MMVZ – The Stork

  1. Big Clyde says:

    This looks great (although I think I prefer the blue).

  2. John Westerman says:

    That looks fantastic. I live overseas, in Tajikistan, and I intend to buy a Stork and bring it home with me when we leave this summer. I might have a ton of questions for you in about 6 months when I’m settled in Portland, Oregon again and have time to start the restoration project. One question, though, any idea where I can get an MMVZ headbadge?

    nice job on the bike, and I think the color is perfect.


    also feel free to respond at my email, which is westermanjt at gmail dot com

  3. loetz says:

    I have that same bike. 🙂

  4. Juan says:

    I have one too, from 1991. Many parts look identical. I have some other ussr bikes as well. However I prefer to maintain their original parts and appearance.

    Being honest I was shocked to see how much the bike got altered…at least you kept those “built like a tank” pedals. They are so perfectly serviceable, being very durable too. You dont really see pedals like those these days… I hope that you saved all those original parts since they are rare and likely more durable than those new ones. It would also leave you the option to restore the originality. What comes to replacing the front brake – I hope you didnt do it just because the old one had some rust on it. There are easy ways to clean the rust off.

    Ps. those original ussr tires are almost eternal…I have seen many of those lasting over 30 years. Im sure the soviets had a secret recipe to make them so damn good. I hope they didnt go straight to junkyard…

    Anyways I hope you enjoy your bike, these bikes are particularly nice to ride!

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