The Kibbutz heritage

3 new world sqware 72dpi

2 new world2 sqware 72dpi

1 new world3 sqware 72dpi

“New World” sculpture by artist and designer Gil Burstein.
“The sculpture was made in kibbutz Nirim an year 2005 and it is made of over a 200 old bicycle frames.
As kibbutz Nirim is a small community on a flat land in south west Israel people that are living their are using bikes as there main transport.
As the kibbutz life stile was changing in the last couple of years and the services to the kibbutz members were no longer for free and there was no one to replace the old bike repairs man that just past away, the kibbutz members were still bringing there broken bikes to the bike work sop and living them there out of a habit. The bikes were not fixed of course so they started to accumulate in this place.
As I so the big pile of old bicycle frames I decided that it is a great building material for a new sculpture to commemorate the old kibbutz way of life as a commune and I made this large sphere of old bicycle frames and placed it on a large podium on the entrance of the kibbutz”.

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One Response to The Kibbutz heritage

  1. 12inchtoys says:

    Can see some very nice vintage frames…

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