Bicycles in the Kibbutz

As a part of family vocation I’ve spend few days in the Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’acov Ichud, located in Jordan Valley, 5 km from the Sea of Galilee. I’ve discovered a wonderful world of bicycles that is very typical to Kibbutz. Most of the bicycles are dated from 60’s and 70’s by local Israeli manufacturers (HOC, DAHAR, ICM) because kibbutz was obligated to by only local products. Some bicycles are custom made tricycles. I visited the bicycle  workshop operated by the kibbutz member Yossi Harel for more than 30 years. It was a wonderful discovery, I’ve enjoy that very much!

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5 Responses to Bicycles in the Kibbutz

  1. miki says:

    כמו תמיד הדרך שלך לתעד היא נפלאהומעניינת

  2. RUTI says:

    היו ימים חבר אך הם חלפו מהר. ממש תזכורת לימי הפשטות והצניעות ,שצי הרכב בקיבוץ מורכב רובו מאופניים תעוד יפה ינק רותי

  3. yanek says:

    מיקי, רותי תודה רבה לכם.

  4. They do not waste anything. very good. thanks Eduard

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