CCM Grand Touring

CCM Cycles
CCM manufactured a wide variety bicycles. Around 1899 many smaller bicycle makers went out of business, and CCM became Canada’s industry leader. Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver, where originally part of diversified network of CCM manufacturing process. However, by 1917, its manufacturing operations where moved into a larger factory in Weston, Toronto.
CCM Light Delivery Bicycle with an attached “Pixie” bicycle motor is a “motorized bicycle”.
Around 1932 CCM introduced the Light Delivery Bicycle, a freight bicycle with a stronger frame made of heavier gauge tubing and a basket. Previously, bicycles had been used as “commercial vehicles, either in a tricycle configuration or as modified touring tricycles.” In the late 1940s a “Pixie” bicycle motor was installed to assist with climbing hills. One Ottawa greengrocer was seen using one of these delivery bikes from the 1930s until the early 1960s.
During the Second World War CCM’s production line was declared an essential war service. They produced motorcars, which have allegedly been used as light military vehicles.
Most CCM bikes were simple mass-market bicycles. The CCM Mustang was a popular children’s bicycle similar to the Schwinn Orange Krate or Raleigh Chopper. During the 1970s the company produced the popular and inexpensive CCM Targa model. In later years the company attempted to produce some high-end road bicycles such as the Silver Ghost. CCM declared bankruptcy in 1983.
The CCM name was purchased by the Quebec firm, Procycle, which has purchased rights to a number of corporate names for use on different lines of bicycles.

(source Wikipedia)

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2 Responses to CCM Grand Touring

  1. Anonymous says:

    Definitely the wrong rims and tires on that bike!

    Most old CCM bicycles were not equiped with a front drum brake either.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was hoping there would be info on the Grand Touring, not just pics. I have a men’s version.

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