Markenrad bicycle – 80’s

Markenrad “MARKANT” bicycle probably 80’s. It says Made in West Germany on the frame. Markenrad means “brand bycycle”.

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3 Responses to Markenrad bicycle – 80’s

  1. Great pics up here. I’ve started a collection of similar finds in Berlin:

    "Peer" Manufacturer's Badge
  2. Jake says:

    i was just curious if anyone here had heard of a a Solist bycicle looks german and has a small sheild sticker on the downtube that say markenrad. it is a womans bycicle but i cant find any information on it in google ebay orreally anywhere. I bought it to fix up as a project for summer but i want to know if its of value before i start pulling it apart and start painting and fixing stuff.

    your help would be greatly appreciated,

  3. Jake says:

    I might be able to post a picture soon as well ill try and get it up soon

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