HOC bicycle

HOC advertisement – 60’s (bicycle for the whole family)

HOC (HARASH OFAN CYCLE), last of three local manufacturers mentioned here before (DAHAR and ICM)

HOC is the first factory that started a serial production of bicycles  in Israel. Factory begins with the small business established by Menachem Goldberg (1872 – 1961), import of bicycles and bicycle parts from Britain to the land of Israel, in 1921 in Tel Aviv. In 1950, due to new restrictions imposed on the importing business, shortly after the establishment of the state of Israel, HOC plant was established, in order to produce locally “national” bicycle and to take part in the industrial development of the young State of Israel. In highest activity of the plant, approximately 40% of the country’s bicycles were produced by HOC.
Family of Menahem Goldberg, the founder of plant, continued his way, through his son, Benzion Goldberg, grandson, Yair Goldberg. Currently managed by the Y. Asher, who joined the family business after marriage to Granddaughter of Menachem Goldberg in 1962.
The factory is still active today and manufactures various types of bicycles, mostly working type, tricycles and others. Its located in the industrial area in Petach Tikva

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4 Responses to HOC bicycle

  1. Tinker says:

    It looks like a Raleigh! Very Nice!

  2. Dansky says:

    Good stuff!

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