Royal Enfield bicycle – 30’s

Found this beautiful piece of history at the bicycle workshop by the flea market. More about Royal Enfield can be found here and here.

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20 Responses to Royal Enfield bicycle – 30’s

  1. Thom says:

    Beautiful! Horrible saddle, though.

  2. Love it – that chainring is pure art!

  3. Jo Perrey says:

    Did you rescue the little beauty?

  4. Valdo Praust says:

    I have also the Royan Enfield gentlemen’s bicycle from 1930s. The frame number of my bicycle is 432XXX, but I don’t know the production year of it.

    What frame number is on your bicycle? And which type of backwheel hub it has?

    If you wish, I can take pictures from my bicycle.

    I’m vintage bicycles collectioneer and restorer from Estonia, I have more than 200 bicycles (before 1970) which have all driven in Estonia decades ago.

  5. Susan Nelson says:

    I have a Royal Enfield bicycle that was purchased in San Francisco in 1947 or’48. It is a girls bike and, I believe, it is 3/4 height of a full size bike. It is missing its original tire pump and the tiny leather pouch of tools that hung from behind the seat. It was given new tires about 15 years ago but they are now not in good shape. It has not been riden for about 12 years. I would like to sell it if anyone is interested. Thank you. Susan Nelson

    • John West says:

      Susan, I also have a Royal Enfield girls bike from the late 40’s or early 50’s. I’ve just been trying to find information on it when I found your blog. Do you still have yours and what are they worth? Thanks, John

  6. Susan Nelson says:

    John — I have found nothing yet but got sidetracked abit so now back to researching. Let me know if you find out anything interesting; I’ll do the same for you. Best, Sue

  7. Tom Townsend says:

    I recently acquired a Royal Enfield bicycle, SN# 124539. It has 26″ rims is a single speed and has the words WAR FINISH on the frame just below the seat. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. bobby says:

    i also have a royal enfield in very good shape year unknown can’t find nothing about it help please any links thanks

  9. Gill says:

    I have a Royal Enfield loop frame bicycle. The frame is 17″ and the wheels 24″. I may consider selling the bike, but not sure of it’s value. Any information would be gratefully received. Gill

    • Abhishek Ghai says:

      Gill: I am interested in buying the Royal Enfield bicycle. Please let me know your location and quote for the bicycle.

  10. Sean Clavery says:

    I have just purchased a Royal Enfield off Ebay, it is a Olympiad model with a curved top tube. Vendor says it was his grandfathers bike and he bought it in 1963. It is completely original, only the tyre inflator is missing and the rear tyre has been replaced as it is blackwall and i think it should be whitewall like the original front. Does anyone have any information on this model.

  11. may carr says:

    hi i have an old cycle been told its a R E if it is do you know the model of it and any idea if its worth anything , thanks

  12. jim says:

    i just saw and have pictures of a 3 wheel royal enfield bicycle ,chain tensioner basket on the rear and in beau shape…jimmer..out.

    • jim snyder says:

      today i have seen and have pictures of a royal enfield bicycle with chain tensioner. trois wheels, basket on the rear and in beau condition

  13. jim snyder says:

    what else do you want

  14. Kirk White says:

    I have a Royal Enfield three-wheeled bicycle.
    I’m looking for a source to get another chain. Does anyone know of a source?

  15. ian says:

    did royal enfield make make delivery bikes for the uk royal mail/post office?

  16. ian says:

    by the way i found a great bike shop in england ,surbiton, surrey and they sell classic roadster bikes with rod brakes, and butchers trade/delivery style bikes, and they also sell parts for those style of bikes. . so i dont know if you can put them on your bicycle links?

    they are ( http://www.CYCLES OF YESTERYEAR.COM )

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