MMVZ bicycle – 80’s

MMVZ (Minski Mototzikletni Velo Zavod) now days known as Motovelo Corp., was a leading bicycle manufacturer in the Soviet union. The company was founded in 1945, based on the equipment exported from Germany after the WWII, from the DKW plant (before the war they produced bicycles with small engine) Zschopau, who was in the Soviet zone of occupation, due for demolition as a company, tools and technical documentation were taken to Minsk (Belarus). In May 1946, the first Belarusian bike was produced. After 20 years more then 8 million bikes were produced. Now the factory change the name to AIST (stork) with the range of more then 12 bicycle models. The model here is a city bike from the early 80’s, single speed bicycle with coaster brake, they were very popular in the former USSR because of their low maintenance.

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3 Responses to MMVZ bicycle – 80’s

  1. Thom says:

    Very cool, thanks for the history!

  2. Vēliņš says:

    I use it and I love it!! It also makes noise just like a USSR bicycle, it gives sweet touch to riding ^^

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