My new ride — 4 speed roadster

What started as a real bargain, found at the flea market, was surpassingly  BIANCHI ( or some sort of generic Italian bike with components from RALEIGH and STURMEY ARCHER). After a serious cleaning and parts replacement became a beautiful 4 speed roadster. The original Sturmey Archer hub was dated from 1968.

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10 Responses to My new ride — 4 speed roadster

  1. WOW!!!

    Who’s hands deserve the credit for the work??
    How is the ride?

  2. yanek says:

    Talya, my own hands. And the ride is so joyful !!!

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  4. That’s just beautiful – I’ve had to post one of your before & after photos of what you’ve achieved, with appropriate links back. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    How far did you strip it down – did you take the bottom bracket to pieces & replace the crank cotters, or were they all still pretty much OK?

  5. yanek says:

    Karl, thank you!!!
    The bike was in a reasonable condition, mainly rust and and dirt. The rear SA Hub was replaced. You can see more before and after pics here.

  6. kammagamma says:

    Yanek, it’s beautiful. סחתיין for the eyes in the flea market and the work.

  7. Oops, Kammagamma was me… logged out and here I am again 🙂

  8. momo says:

    oh my god, dear yanek.
    it’s just perfect.
    you got the best eyes around.

  9. I think you’re under-selling it here, mate. Two things stand out to me:

    That looks like the original chain guard . . . don’t tell me you got it from the original rust colour to that lush sheen without re-chroming!

    Are those the original grips that you’ve transferred over to the new handlebars? Those things are an absolute swine to remove (without just cutting them off!).

    Nope, you’re not fooling anyone here – this is the result of some seriously hard work on your part, and the results speak for themselves. (Well done that man!)

  10. Vladimir says:

    Very good. I looked all the photos. You have golden hands! I also restored their two bicycles (Kharkiv Home Road 1970). Only need a photo/

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