HEIDEMANN bicycle – late 70’s

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8 Responses to HEIDEMANN bicycle – late 70’s

  1. Thom says:

    More axle fuzzies!

  2. I ran across the Heidemann bicycle when :googling” my name and wonder if you have any information as to the history and current status of the manufacturer. I ran across a “Heidemann bicycle” in Rostock, Germany several years ago and have wondered about it ever since.

  3. Mikael Fardigh says:

    I have an HWE Hediemann bike (12gear Shimano FH Positron) from I think early 80´s. I´m also intrested in info about the manufacturer in Einbeck, Germany. Because a search on Google don’t tell much.

  4. ulrich lange says:

    Although I have lived in LA for 15 years, I’m originally from a city in Germany called Braunschweig. It’s about 60 miles away from Einbeck – where the Heideman Werke were located. My grantparents lived in Einbeck after WWII and my grandmother worked in the Heidemann bike factory from roughly 1950 untill 1975. We had several Heideman bikes in our family throughout the 70s and even early 80s. If I remember correctly the bike manufacturing hit hard times in the early 80s. Bike production continued until the early 90s though. Starting in the 80s the company re-directed itself as a automotive parts manufacturer. Today the company is part of DURA.
    The last time I have seen a new Heidemann bike was at the interbike exhebition in Germany in 1993. At that time they made all kinds of commuter bikes as well as some low end but decent MTBs.

  5. P.Mavridis says:

    Orestiada GREECE. I still have an Heidemann (HWH) bike in pretty good condition. My father bought it for me when I was 11. After 34 years, it still works with the same tires! Now my daugther uses it.

  6. Ed Samuelson says:

    I have a girls style Heidemann and it says it was made in Hannover. It has the bell attached to the goose neck and has a sticker that says “made in Germany”. Does this mean that it was made prior to WWII?

  7. Mark P says:

    I have a Heidemann- not sure what year. Single speed with leather spring seat. Curve-tubed frame. Badge says “Olympic Deluxe”. Any ideas?

  8. I own a 1970s einbeck heidsman n its extremely unusual and cant find any information on it anywhere maybe you know a little about it?

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