DAHAR bicycle

DAHAR (means ride in Hebrew) bicycles, were another local manufacturer in Tel Aviv in the late 60’s.

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6 Responses to DAHAR bicycle

  1. Thom says:

    So many questions! Is that a dynohub mechanism on the front wheel? Is that a three-speed hub on back? Were those fuzzy spoke/axle cleaners standard?

    I’m loving these Israeli bikes–that head badge is wonderful.

  2. yanek says:

    Thom, from what I understood from one of the “old generation technicians” this was some kind of a self cleaning device sort of degreaser.

  3. OK, I give in – what’s the thing on the front wheel hub? Some sort of dynamo fitment, strange brake setup, or a prototype two-wheel-drive system? 😉

  4. momo says:

    i never saw such awkward bike,
    too many questions.
    i also never had dinner in yanek’s house…
    cheers to yanek for his marvelous dicoveries !!!!

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