Simplex bicycle – 40’s

More about Simplex bikes on Dutch bicycle history site and this Simplex Forum site from Indonesia.

Thanks to the owner of  “PALESTINA” antiquity shop in Jaffa flea market, for letting me take the photographs.

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5 Responses to Simplex bicycle – 40’s

  1. Thom says:

    That is Beauty itself. Look at that chain guard!

  2. The chain guard is incomplete. There is a fabric covering which has gone missing. You will see the same kind of chain guard being fitted to brand new bikes in this video, and any number of bikes very very similar to that riding around on any rush hour on the streets in the Netherlands. Some old, some new.

    It’s a bit difficult to tell from the photo, but I think the stand is wrong too. Possibly it’s broken off at the other side, so the remaining bit has been bent outwards.

    It’s had a hard life… but it’s still going.

  3. yanek says:

    David, thank you for the useful information.

  4. Eric says:

    Beauty! I just picked up a late 40’s-early 50’s Simplex at a swap meet. The paint was completely gone, but no rust on the frame, and the fenders weren’t too rusty. It’s in the process of being painted right now. And then, I’ll be fitting it with a SA Sprinter 5 speed hub. These Dutch bikes are really cool; a little more laid back geometry than the English bikes.

  5. beautiful duchts bicycle..yeahhh

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