ICM bicycle – 70’s

ICM (Israel Cycling Manufacture) bicycles where one of the few locally produced bicycles in Israel. They where build in Kibbutz Tzora from mid 50’s to mid 70’s. The company began in 1957 as a metal factory. At first, the company produced bicycles and light motorcycles, but in 1974 it began to manufacture office furniture.

I personally really like the Camel symbol and the way it appears on the chainring.

Some interesting article (in hebrew) about a trip to Sinai on this bicycle in 1975 can be found here.

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7 Responses to ICM bicycle – 70’s

  1. Thom says:

    Oh wow, I *love* that camel! Do you know if any of these were ever exported, or did all stay in Israel?

  2. Thom says:

    Oh, and does the headlamp bracket have the camel motif, too, like the Raleigh heron?

  3. yanek says:

    Thom, these bicycles were only sold locally, never exported. The headlamp bracket unfortunately don’t have a Camel motif, and I’ve found this image of the women model in better condition, take a look:

  4. Thom says:

    Ah, so the bike above probably would have originally had rod brakes, too, then? That would explain that extra bit of hardware on the stem. I thought those brakes looked too new. Very cool, and I love that it was only sold in Israel–I wonder how many other small firms around the world made bikes like these and no one knows about them because they’ve never circulated beyond certain regions.

  5. Ümit Turhan says:

    I have an ıcm bicycle which is almost 45 years old. I did not know that it was made in Israel since my father had bought it in İzmir, Turkey when I was a little boy. It is 3-speed and has an English made (Sturmey Archer) gearbox.
    After waiting almost about 30 years without touching it, I have decided to renovate it these days. It is a bit rusty but I think I’ll manage to make it work again.

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  7. Micha-el Frame says:

    ICM was set up specifically for the manufacture of bicycles and mopeds.
    All componants were manufactured with then new machinery: Welding, cutting, turning, bending, pressing, chromium plating, spray-painting and so on.
    Plastic and rubber parts were out-sourced as were logo and graphic decals.
    Various models were made, from delivery bicycles through to racing models.
    In the 60’s ICM were the only licenced manufacturers outside of the UK to produce the Molton (Folding) bicycles.
    They were also sold in many countries in Africa in the 60’s.
    (And I may be mistaken but I think the front lamp bracket also had the camel cut-out).

    I’m also a little surprised that this is the only and single article on ICM bicycles to pop up on Google!

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