Coventry Eagle bicycle 60’s



Karl McCracken from Do The right thing parked his bike by this Coventry Eagle bicycle from the 60’s.

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2 Responses to Coventry Eagle bicycle 60’s

  1. I saw and have a similar women’s model. Solid Red paint finish and the eagle motif is a cruder version of this in chrome plate. The badge is a pressing not a casting. All eagle detail have been reduced to smooth curves and have little detail . Easily pilfered for souvenirs as stuck on not rivetted. The Chainwheel on one has three eagles in flight forming the webbing. These are broken up by tri webbing spokes. The other has the double webbing as the above model. The rear fork attachments to seat post tube are very fine and thin and turn at a right angle to the frame that makes for a positive ID of a Coventry Eagle ladies frame

  2. William says:

    Hi, I have just baught a coventry eagle 531, it came with a sticker version of this badge, I am in the process of sanding and painting it so and would like a proper badge like this one. Do you know anywhere or anyone I can get this badge off??

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