My new single speed Raleigh bike

After reading Eyal Chernichovsky’s article about single speed and fixed gear bicycles as a culture. And meeting with my friend Morris Ben Mayor from whom I’ve recieved a grate deal of inspiration about single speed bicycle (his Peugeout carbolite), I decided to tray to make one for myself. I started with old Raleigh Winner from the 80’s that I’ve found in our neighborhoud, but soon discovered that the frame is damaged. Eyal kindly offerd me his fixie Raleigh Grand Prix that needed to be fixed. I then took it to my friend Dorons’ blacksmith workshop where he and Ami remove stacked bottom bracket from the frame. As Morris sugested I took it to the shop “Tel Aviv Bikes” run by Pasha and Arkadi they’ve made a wonderfull job on the bike. I’ve ride it yesturday for a first time, and its a great fun!!!

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3 Responses to My new single speed Raleigh bike

  1. momo says:

    mazal tov, dear yanek!
    it’s a beauty.
    from the gentleness of the frame,
    to the stylish silvery fork.
    i’m glad to be one of your inspirators.
    hope you ride it a lot.

    cycling is the best.

    whole lotta love.


  2. Good job! have safe riding!

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