Di Blasi folding bicycle

This is the “classic” DI BLASI folding bicycle. In various versions, it has been known since 1974 as one of the quickest and easiest bicycle to fold. It reduces to a size of 85 x 22 x 60 cm in 5 seconds with three simple steps. In the same manner, it quickly and easily returns to being a comfortable bicycle. The model photographed here is R50 from 1984.

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One Response to Di Blasi folding bicycle

  1. stan gunter says:

    Just brought a De Blasi 1984 mint r50. I can’t raise the seat to fit me because(I assume) it is missing the extension on the nose of the saddle, the back can go up a few notches, the front cannot unless I’m not understanding it or the extension piece is stored somewhere on the bike, it will fit the girl but not me The dynamo and front and rear lights work fine, it doesn’t have folding pedals

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