PEUGEOT carbolite 103

This beautiful vintage Peugeot carbolite 103 bike from the 80’s, was converted by Morris to a single speed bicycle. Morris rides this bike happily every day. More about vintage Peugeot bikes can be found here and here.

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16 Responses to PEUGEOT carbolite 103

  1. erik swider says:

    hello, i had a 10 speed one of those but it was blue and orange, lovely bike, very solid but it got stolen

  2. Jackson says:

    I have one too…how’d you get the tektro brakes on there? If you bought them and put them on, the brakes are probably worth more than the bike.

  3. David says:

    What is it with this fixie trend? perfectly good bikes are being butchered! Why?

  4. Janek says:

    Dnes jsem zachránil ze skládky starého železa Peugeot carbolite 103.Potřebuji blíže identifikovat,zájemci o výpomoc zašlu na mail foto.Děkuji Janek.

    • Janek says:

      Na mém Peugeotu jsem dokončil renovaci.Výrobní číslo na háku zadního kola začíná písmenem Y dále číslo na osm míst,dole na šlapacím středu vyražené číslo sedm míst a papírová nálepka PH 8 S 56 A.Asi se jedná o ročník 1984 , velikost rámu 56 a to A ??.Můžeme si vyměnit fotky.

  5. Gary says:

    The model is probably not “carbolite 103” as that refers to the material (carbon steel) that the frame is made from. Look on the bottom of the bottom bracket. You should find a serial number, a model number, and a size. The first digit of the long serial number probably indicates the year, e.g. 0 would be for 1980. Something that looks like “UE8M” would be the model. The E means that it was marketed in Europe, as in the case of my bike. An O would mean it was sold in the US. Google the model. Of course you will also find a lot of hits for “carbolite 103” as it is common to think that is the model.

  6. Janek says:

    Ahoj Gary,je možná písemná komunikace v českém jazyce? Děkuji Janek.

  7. Gary says:

    Model je pravděpodobně “carbolite 103”, který odkazuje na materiál (uhlíkové oceli), který je vyroben z rámu. Podívejte se na spodní straně středové složení. Měli byste najít sériové číslo, číslo modelu a velikosti. První číslice dlouho pořadové číslo pravděpodobně označuje rok, např. 0 by bylo za rok 1980. Něco, co vypadá jako “UE8M” by byl model. E znamená, že byl uveden na trh v Evropě, stejně jako v případě mého kola. O by znamenalo, že byl prodán v USA. Google model. Samozřejmě také najdete spoustu hitů pro “carbolite 103”, jak je běžné, že si myslí, že se jedná o model.

  8. Judy Swensen says:

    I have a motorized Peugeot bike & was wondering if anyone knew more about it? It has a date of 1977 on it & wa swondering if that was the year it was made? Any information would be appreciated. Thank You

  9. Roy says:

    Poor bike. Striped of everything it had that made it good.

    I have an identical twin. Complete with the other nine speeds, fenders, lights, rack, bell, and even a kick stand.

  10. brian balderstone says:

    I Have a Peugeot Racing Bike, im trying to find out what year it is, The sticker on the bottom bracket reads 2919823 and P10L 54 and stamped on the frame is Y30.5 7694 , anybody help with this would be appreciated, the Head Tube Decal is of the Type V (1982-90) the General Decal Scheme is Stripes, Im trying to match the colour of this bike as it need a touch up, The Colour is Blue, but what Blue I cant decide. Thanks to anybody who can help me.

  11. Esa says:

    Hello, I bought my Peugeot Carbilte *103* bicycle in 1984. I have corrected it few times because I have been cycling the long trips. Now just today, 18.7.2012 It said the working relationship away.
    Only one part has broken and bearings, too. In the center of the bicycle is a part of the bearing clamp screw broken.The numbers on the bottom of the bottom bracket are 2182931; PH41 57.
    It is five speed men’s bicycle. Does anyone know the place from where I can order this spare part?

  12. Bryce Dunlap says:

    I just got this exact same frame. Decals and everything. I too am converting it to a single speed. I’ll be re-painting it though. Its pretty beat up.

  13. pablopcp says:

    Reblogged this on bike2lifes and commented:
    Acabo de encontrar en la chatarrería ésta bici. El cuadro está torcido e inservible pero todos los componentes están en perfecto estado, salvo los cambios del cuadro. Hoy despiezaré la bici y trataré de restaurarlos.

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