Fixed gear bike

Eyal Chernichovsky, found the beauty at Kfar Saaba, 150 NIS for the whole bike though the parts were useless. But it seemed perfect for a Fixie project. Its an 80’s Bertoni – classic Italian brand made with Columbus steel. Striped the parts and was glad to see the chrome coating under the paint was in good condition, so there went the paint with chemicals.
Then a bit of purple on the front triangle – purple – the color of the Gods 🙂
Got two Suzue Track hubs, chines rims painted in white, and a BMX crank – 170 mm of steel GT stamped but a Profile design,  with a hard core BMX sprocket. Needless to mention the massive chain to go along. Track pista handle bar and pink Chris King head set for a necklace
I love it — Rides like a dream!!!

(text and pictures by Eyal)

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One Response to Fixed gear bike

  1. Uri says:

    למען הדיוק הוא בנה אותם מחלקים שאסף במשך זמן רב, את השלדה אולי הוא מצא בכ”ס. קרנק BMX מהמם…

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