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Raleigh – The all steel bicycle – 30’s

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Rail cycling

(thanks to David Tartakover for the image)

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Winter – Frankfurt am Main

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On the streets of Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Nepal (Photos © Rafael Repullo)

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Raleigh Sports

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Juncker Bicycle – 70’s

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Markenrad bicycle – 80’s

Markenrad “MARKANT” bicycle probably 80’s. It says Made in West Germany on the frame. Markenrad means “brand bycycle”.

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KIA celebrity – 70’s

KIA (Korean for “arise from Asia”) was formed in 1944, shortly before North Korea invaded the South. The company would eventually succeed, first as a diversified manufacturer of bicycles and industrial products, and later as a manufacturer of trucks and … Continue reading

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Steering wheel bicycle

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Late night encounter

This is DAHAR bicycle with PHILIPS handlebar.

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